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Smart City System Architect Consultant



3 months ago

Job Description

Overall architecture design, solution design, topic planning, and report writing of the Smart City project; Provide smart city solution support for the organization, campus, and enterprise customers, including customer communication, requirement survey, analysis, planning and design. Architecture design and system integration for subsystems of smart cities from the perspectives of system architecture (SA) and system engineering (SE); Collect data about the development of the international smart city industry, analyze policies. Review and analyze current technology infrastructure and its ability to support strategic objectives. Identify and propose specific strategies, initiatives and remedies necessary to align smart city technology and infrastructure with corporate objectives.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. The consultant should have knowledge of key ICT, and innovative design strategies adopted within Smart Cities elsewhere that have used technologies to resolve their urban issues
  2. Experience or knowledge of advising on ICT enabled technological solutions, e-government/e-governance transitions within the context of urban infrastructure and services will be an advantage
  3. Rich experience in overall planning and solution design for large-scale smart city construction projects and serve as the main owner (at least 2 comparable previous projects) Be familiar with IT, IP, Cloud, and IoT technologies and products
  4. Experience in large-scale project implementation is preferred

Education + Experience

  1. Full-time bachelor’s degree or above is preferred
  2. Profession of Intelligent building, urban planning, information system engineering, computer applications, software engineering, communications engineering is preferred