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County Programme Manager


Nairobi, Kenya

1 week ago

Job Description

Are you looking for an ever changing, and evolving working environment? Would you like to contribute to Triggerise growth and footprint? This is the role for you! Each quarter, Triggerise expands into new geographies, and we are looking for someone with a tech savvy background to help us to do so.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Committed to the mission, vision, and theory of change of Triggerise
  2. Experienced in field work , preferably in sales and marketing
  3. Experienced in managing teams of field operations and implementation
  4. Dedicated to data driven decision making for improved outcomes
  5. Knowledgeable in small business and entrepreneurial spirit
  6. Expert at networking, connecting, recruiting, and supporting
  7. various actors in the business community
  8. Proficient in written and spoken Kiswahili and English

Education + Experience

  1. A bachelor's degree holder