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Nairobi, Kenya

1 week ago

Job Description

We are always looking out for skilled employees! The Nairobi Hospital, a leading health care institution in Eastern Africa has excellent career opportunities for individuals who possess a passion for excellence, strong work ethic, are results oriented and committed to continual improvement. The successful candidates will be team players with the ability to effectively add value to enabling good patient outcomes and shape best clinical and non-clinical practice.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Minimum of 6 years work experience
  2. Dietary counselling
  3. Preparation of therapeutic diets

Education + Experience

  1. BSc Food, Nutrition & Dietetics
  2. Higher Diploma in Food, Nutrition & Dietetics- 8 Years’ experience
  3. Diploma in Food, Nutrition & Dietetics- 10 Years’ experience