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Gathauri Timothy

Nairobi, Kenya

2 weeks ago

Job Description

Prepare, review and report on budgets for business expansion projections, new initiatives or donor projects Ensure documentation of all financial transactions in the company by handling and later supervising the posting and entering of transactions into the accounting system Oversee tracking and reporting of all sales revenue Liaise with hub teams daily and ensure revenues are correctly tracked and posted Ensure sales and VAT are recorded correctly is in each hub and ETRs are issued as required to prepare for correct and smooth VAT filing each month Carry out bank reconciliations to ensure sales reports tally moneys received Conduct physical checks on accounting and stock keeping at all hubs (regular & spot checks) Inventory management: Liaise with the hub operators and field agents regularly to monitor lanterns inventory. Handle any insurance claims for breakages, faults or losses. Ensure integrity of all accounting ledgers by regular analysis of the trial balance. Monitor and review accounting and related system reports for accuracy and completeness regularly Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports for donor funded projects. Prepare and process payroll, ensuring accuracy and correct statutory remittances Petty cash management: Review petty cash payments as per the finance policy and ensure all petty cash is accounted for, liaising with the various petty cash folders ensuring a smooth process for everyone

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities