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DevOps Engineer at M-Gas



2 weeks ago

Job Description

Support the development, deployment, and operation of our software in AWS (Amazon Web Services) and help our developers to deliver excellent software by providing the tools they need. Automate and run the build, test, and deployment of our software in AWS Build and maintain tools, solutions and microservices associated with deployment of our platform. Manage code deployments, fixes, updates, and related processes. Enable continuous development and integration (CI/CD) and support developers to use the CI/CD pipeline. Implement monitoring tools to detect issues, measure performance and provide telemetry for developers.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Experience with AWS particularly EC2, VPC, Cloud Formation, CloudTrail and CloudWatch
  2. Experience in CI/CD tools such as Jenkins and automated test tools such as Selenium would be an advantage
  3. Some experience in one or more database systems including Amazon Aurora, Dynamo DB, MySQL, or PostgreSQL

Education + Experience