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Consultant - Cyber Ranges


Nairobi, Kenya

2 months ago

Job Description

You will join the elite of CYBER RANGES Scenario creators helping develop the best-of-breed hands-on scenarios, from virtual machines exposing the latest security vulnerabilities up to full-blown scenarios simulating complex cyberattacks. If you like security research and keeping abreast with the latest attack and defence techniques and tools, this job will offer you the ideal playground to hone your skills and engage with like-minded researchers. You will be working on a variety of security domains, depending on your strengths and passion. Responsibilities Developing attack and/or defence hands-on scenarios Developing proof-of-concept vulnerable virtual machines Implementing attack injection flows to simulate cyber attacks Developing challenge scenarios for CTFs and user engagement Supporting the delivery of CYBER RANGES services and training as appropriate Desired Skills and Experience Passionate about cyber security and about continuous learning and self-improvement. Strong technical experience in one or more cyber security domains. Experience in critical infrastructures and defence industries a plus Proven experience in the development and delivery of security training content, including but not limited to comprehensive security blogs, training courses, hands-on challenges Experience in the development and running of security CTF events Full time Salary: Competitive, based on competence and experience How to Apply To apply visit: Applications must be in PDF format File name must include your first and last name and the you are Role applying for Deadline for applications is 15th September 2020, only shortlisted candidates will be notified by the 24th of September 2020

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities