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Financial Controller- ALX


Remote Working

1 month ago

Job Description

The mission of the Financial Controller job is to maintain positive revenue and financial growth, formulate sound financial strategies, implementing proper internal controls, achieving organizational targets, and developing financial plans that support The Room and ALX’s innovative organizational strategy. The goals of the Financial Controller job are to build operationally excellent systems, building a world class finance team for a fast growing organization and to drive accurate and timely reporting to our global key stakeholders including investors, the board The main activities of this role will be: To prepare financial reports. To analyse financial data. To monitor internal controls. To oversee and prepare income statements. To drive Budget planning for the organization To streamline accounting functions and operations. To develop plans for financial growth. To evaluate and manage risk.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. You have a proven track record of at least 7 years at agile institutions You have Experience in finance management You are a proficient accounting systems builder You excel at financial analysis and strategic Thinking You pay attention to detail, are rigorous and accurate You have systems thinking and are able to grasp the big picture easily and understand how things influence one another within a whole You are a systems builder and love creating processes and engines from scratch You have a multiplier mindset and you identify and capture opportunities to multiply yourself, your results, and specially others You are be based in Africa/Middle Eastern or European time zone

Education + Experience