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Job Description

Reporting to Senior Safety Officer and will be responsible for guiding, liaising, coordinating and advising the company on matters relating to safety and health at the workplace.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Key Responsibilities  Implement and enforce safety standards for safe operation of the ferry services;  Ensure that all the safety equipment both off-shore and on-board the ferries are in safe custody and in proper working condition;  Audit of safety equipment on-board for safety inspection for the purposes of ferry craft annual licensing;  Investigate and make reports on accidents and inform relevant authorities and recommend necessary action to prevent recurrence of the same;  Develop a self-regulating disaster preparedness policy; and  Design safety information for ferry users and organize mock emergency drills for regular ferry users

Education + Experience

  1. Required Qualifications and Experience  Bachelor’s degree in Physical Sciences or related field from a recognised university
  2.  Professional diploma in safety, preferably in marine safety or related field from a recognized institution