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Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Mwenda Phineas

Nairobi Kenya

9 months ago

Job Description

Requirements/ Qualifications ▪ PhD in computer science, data science, information science or related field. ▪ Gravitas to develop a framework for data management and governance. ▪ Experience integrating complex cross-corporate data management strategies. ▪ Proven ability in data literacy – data sources and management concepts. ▪ Familiarity with data generation and analysis methods in a complex operating environment. ▪ Demonstrated knowledge of data structure, information system/tools and related software for datamanagement. ▪ Broad experience in multiple areas, such as data governance, data warehousing, data architecture, dataintegration, data classification, data strategy, data quality management, data security, data standards, andcorporate and regulatory compliance. ▪ Proficiency in the use of R for data analysis is a must. ▪ Experience in handling large databases. ▪ One year’s experience in data management and ICT is desired. ▪ At least one year’s experience working with cross-disciplinary teams within a complex context.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Responsibilities Specific duties The successful candidate is expected to: ▪ Be the corporate leader in data management and work with staff to establish a vision and culture thatembraces data management and accountability as a cross-corporate asset
  2. ▪ Develop and align the institutional data management policy with relevant regulatory, legal and ethical mandates
  3. ▪ Develop data management standards for the Centre
  4. ▪ Manage programmes that advance the roles of data management, data security and compliance with datamanagement policies
  5. ▪ Oversee the integrity, security, usage and availability of institutional data
  6. ▪ Develop and maintain controls on data quality and interoperability to manage corporate risk
  7. ▪ Manage and control institutional master-data, meta-data and reference data, and provide road maps forcontinuous improvement in compliance to policy, standards and conceptual models

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