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Learning & Performance Development Specialist - Telkom



9 months ago

Job Description

To support and enable the implementation of the policies and procedures that will ensure an effective talent management process in Telkom. Furthermore, this role will support and enable the implementation of the policies and procedures that will ensure an effective Learning & Performance Development process in Telkom. This role will also assist to maintain and enhance the Telkom competency framework and facilitate the related assessments to determine skills gaps. A critical success factor to this role is the ability to understand the business plans and align the skills development programs to the achievement of business results.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Key Duties and Responsibilities Conduct Talent, Learning & Performance Development in a cost-effective manner Training and Development budget planning and cost management Delivery of the leadership development programs Integrate the Talent, Learning & Performance Development business plan with the HR value chain Enhance productivity through effective design and implementation of a talent management programs and system Continuously evaluate and monitor existing and new training programs to ensure continued relevance to the organization Reporting to management and other stakeholders to ensure effectiveness on the performance and capability building initiatives Manage the entire talent, learning & development end-to-end and ensure that fairness and objectivity prevail Manage compliance to policies and procedures and standard operating procedures Design and conduct relevant management training to understand capacity to manage talent Conduct needs analysis to determine the training needs of the business Conduct regular audits to ensure good corporate governance and to identify the risks in succession planning Actively network within the HR community to stay abreast of latest developments in performance Management and Capability Building

Education + Experience

  1. Academic Background & Professional Knowledge Bachelor’s Degree in a Telecommunications Field, Human Resources or Business equivalent