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8 months ago

Job Description

Responsibilities 1. Ensures that all plumbing equipment’s are well maintained. 2. Liaises with the college Store Keeper on items and equipment’s required. 3. Installs and repairs all items and equipment’s related to plumbing. 4. Installs and maintains all piping systems within the college. 5. Ensures that all sanitation systems are properly functioning. 6. Reports any breakages/ damages to the Administration Officer for repair. 7. Performs any other duties as may be required of him/her.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  2. Professional certificate in a relevant field and 3 years’ experience or 2
  3. Diploma and 2 years’ experience
  4. KNOWLEDGE SKILLS AND ABILITIES • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Be familiar with the required Health & Safety standards governing the plumbing role • Experience in bore hole pumps • Strong knowledge in all aspects of plumbing repairs, maintenance and improvements and excellent problem – solving skills needed to complete jobs and tasks in a timely manner
  5. • Thorough knowledge in plumbing fixtures and systems to support the renovations, repair and maintenance of premises mechanical installations

Education + Experience