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Drivers at Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE)



4 months ago

Job Description

The transport function basically involves driving duties; routine checks and maintenance of the vehicle; maintenance of work tickets; detecting and reporting any malfunctioning of the vehicle’s systems; security of the vehicle on and off the road; safety of passengers and/or goods; carrying authorized passengers and/or goods; cleanliness and overall vehicle maintenance and management; scheduling of vehicles for official transport duties; and insurance of vehicles. Demonstrate safety to own passengers, occupants of other vehicles and other road users including pedestrians; Work according to schedules in work-tickets. No unauthorized journeys and deviations; Ensure that the assigned vehicle is kept clean at all times; Check the levels of fluids in the vehicle – water, engine oil, brake fluid, fuel, transmission oil – and top them as necessary; Report vehicle defects for repair; and ensure that the vehicle is serviced as scheduled; Take all necessary actions to ensure that the vehicle is safe and secure at all times; Ensure that goods are transported securely and delivered timely. No unauthorized goods / passengers.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Education + Experience

  1. A valid driving license valid for any of the classes of vehicles which the officer is required to drive; A Certificate in mechanical or electrical skills will be an added advantage; A certificate of good conduct; Shown merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results; Fulfilled the provision of Chapter Six of the Constitution